Pastor Matt Watkins

Lead Pastor

As a High school student I was involved in Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF).  CEF was my first formal instruction in evangelism and teaching.  During my time with CEF I sensed that God might be calling me into the ministry but my plans to attend music school quickly drown out the nudging of God’s Spirit.  Not long into my senior year God allowed events that discouraged me from pursuing music.  With my plans out of the way, I followed God’s leading to enter into the ministry.

I spent the next four years at Baptist Bible College in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania.  Late into my senior year I met Jessica; a godly, gorgeous, talented, intelligent woman who later became my wife and the mother of our four children.  During my senior year I began an internship in a small but growing inner city church in Syracuse, where I spent the next eight years as Associate Pastor.   In 2005 my father approached me about becoming his associate and eventually the lead pastor at Beacon.  After much thought and prayer this seemed to be the direction God was leading my family.  In 2007 I became the associate pastor of Beacon Baptist.  Since coming, Beacon has graciously given me the opportunity to complete my Master’s degree at Baptist Bible Seminary.  In 2011 my father and I switched roles and I became the lead pastor at Beacon.

Hello Everyone!

Pastor Victor Watkins

Associate Pastor

 In my senior year of high school, my family moved to Plainview, Texas, where I became quite involved in the youth group of Calvary Baptist Church.  The next year I enrolled at Wayland Baptist College and in my second semester, God called me to preach.  The call came to me clearly on a Sunday night and I made my decision public in the following two weeks.  I spent the next year at Wayland Baptist College and then started training for the ministry at Bible Baptist College in Arlington, Texas.

In my first year I met Linda who shared my passion for ministry.  She was studying music, a great asset for a pastor’s wife, and she was very faithful in her commitment to Christ.  Later that year we were engaged and got married the next summer, 1970.  A year later we had our first child and then I graduated my third year.  I was very blessed to get a position as youth pastor with the Faith Baptist Church in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, the home church of my wife, Linda.  During my service in Michigan I was allowed to finish my bachelor’s degree at Eastern Michigan University.  By then our family had grown to five. The five years that I spent with Rev. Don Gregory were good years of training, but I eventually felt the call to start a church on my own.  God led us through a series of events to Clay, New York.  In August of 1977 with eight people present, Beacon Baptist church was born.  I have been serving here as pastor ever since.


Pastor Mike Davis

Associate Pastor of Youth Ministry

During high school, an extended illness kept my father constantly in and out of the hospital.  Because of this, I grew very close with the youth pastor at my church.  Whenever there was a youth group meeting or service opportunity, I was there.  Through serving in my local church I discovered a ministry passion for missions and children’s ministry and sensed God drawing me to surrender my life in full-time service to Him.

Following in the footsteps of my youth pastor, I spent the next four years training for ministry at Baptist Bible College (BBC) where I was heavily involved in teaching and leading youth ministry in local churches.  BBC is also where I met my wonderful wife, Lindsay.  Following our graduation in 2005, we were married and began serving in youth ministry.  In the Fall I started the M.div. program at Baptist Bible Seminary and five years later our daughter Lucy was born.

Through a series of events that could only be orchestrated by God, I started an internship working with the youth at Beacon Baptist Church in the summer of 2011.  In July of the following year, the church extended a formal invitation to join the pastoral team here at Beacon.  Since the start of our time here at Beacon God has blessed our home with three more sons, Reuben, Ezra, and Boaz.