What is Beacon like?

Preaching Style

Our primary preaching style is expositional, which means that we typically study verse by verse through an entire section or book of the Bible. Most who attend bring their Bible. If you need a copy of the scriptures, you will find one in the pew or just ask one of our ushers when you arrive.


Our music style is unique. We honor the time tested hymns of the faith but we also utilize modern hymns and praise songs.


We provide child care for infants and toddlers. Our ushers can direct you to the nursery and toddler room. When you drop off a baby, you will be given a pager so that we can discreetly reach you during the service. If you prefer to keep your children with you, that’s okay. We have a child care room directly off the sanctuary where you can accompany a child that becomes fidgety during the service. From this room you can see and hear the service while not being a distraction to others. For children 4-8, we have children’s church. Children’s church is dismissed right before the preaching begins.


Dress at our church varies. Some wear suits, most are business casual, and others come in shorts and a tee shirt (when it’s warm). You dress in a way that is comfortable for you.


Both floors of our building are handicap accessible. The elevator is located at the second sidewalk when you pull into the church parking lot. The bathrooms on the top level (main level) are the only handicap bathrooms. If there are further questions you have before you visit us feel free to contact us.